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Sounds like a tout by a dry cleaner or photo developer, right? Well, these are the values dentists traditionally claim regarding dentures. In the past, dentists have skimmed over denture procedures, giving little attention to their creation. At Blairsville Dentistry, we firmly believe everyone should have access to the smile they deserve. The mere need for dentures does not indicate the end of a beautiful smile.
  Blairsville Denture
    There are over 20 million edentulous people in the United States today.  That's almost 10% of the United States population. Those living with missing or damaged teeth have multiple options for replacements: complete, or partial dentures. 

 Dentures can be Beautiful.

Below is a set of traditional dentures that shows the details.  The are crafted in three steps.
  • Step 1: Evaluation / Impression
  • Step 2: Wax-rim try-in
  • Step 3: Final Delivery