Broken Teeth & Tooth Pain

Broken Teeth

There are many options to fix a broken tooth, depending on the type of break and the location in your mouth.

If it’s in the front of your mouth, we might be able to do dental bonding to repair the chip or break. Bonding is actually weaker than the actual tooth structure so it can’t withstand the forces that our teeth can. So if it’s a large break, bonding might not be the right option. Small chips (little fractures), bonding is actually pretty adequate for it.

If the break is large, or in the back of your mouth, we may recommend that you get a crown to support that weakened tooth structure.

Come in for an examination and we can go over your options. Thank you.

Tooth Pain

What are the causes for tooth pain? Typically it’s cavities, a cracked tooth, exposed tooth root, gum disease, or disorders in the jaw and bone. In most cases it’s caused from tooth decay. Typically if a cavity is allowed to destroy enough tooth structure, and gets into the nerve of the tooth, this is where almost always the intolerable pain sets in, and you feel that throbbing ache that you just can’t get rid of.

The infection travels down the nerve and tries to expand in the area at the base of the tooth, in the bone, and this is what we call an abscess. We can easily identify this in our x-rays and examination. Typically the treatment is either a root canal, and then a crown situation, or if the decay has destroyed too much of the tooth, it might need to be extracted.

Blairsville Dentistry is one of the only offices in north Georgia currently accepting emergency patients. So we will strive to get you in as fast as possible because we know that tooth pain is hard to deal with. Thanks so much, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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